AMAZON Grocery

AMAZON GROCERY, AMAZON PAY AND AMAZON MEDICINE   In a short span of its entry into the Indian market, AMAZON has become a household name in every Indian home. Whenever we think of ONLINE shopping, the name of AMAZON is the first to strike our minds. Be it a school going student, a housewife, office […]


  NEBULIZER MACHINE ONLINE FOR ASTHMA PATIENTS   Introduction   In our day to day life, we often come across people suffering from lungs and respiratory illness. The patients including children suffering from asthma may also be suffering from respiratory illness. Such patients are often seen with tough coughing spells during seasons change as well. […]

Air Bike

HOME GYM- SETUP STAY HOME STAY SAFE INDIA   GYMs DURING COVID-19 :-   The whole world is passing through a difficult phase of COVID-19. During this time most of the countries have declared lock downs of varying duration. Almost all activities have come to a halt and so is the GYM. The gymnasiums in […]

Water Filter

WATER FILTERS ONLINE: PURE DRINKING WATER   It has been rightfully said that water is life. There is no life without water. About two third of our body is composed of water. Human beings need to drink about 2.5 to 4 litres of safe drinking water every day preferably from water filters. Besides drinking, water […]

washing machine

WASHING MACHINES: SAMSUNG/LG/IFB ONLINE INDIA 2020   One of the most important appliances which every household in India wants to possess is a Washing Machine. Had you been living in USA then you may find coin laundry machines that are available outside on streets in any neighborhood. In large apartment complex in USA, you can […]

featured BP Monitor

BLOOD PRESSURE MACHINE ONLINE FOR HOME IN INDIA   We all know that transportation of substances like oxygen, carbon dioxide, digested food, etc. from one part of the body to the other is through blood. The heart needs to pump blood through blood vessels. When our heart beats, it pumps blood around our body. The […]